Braces may seem like the most popular way to straighten your teeth, but that doesn’t mean they are always the best route to take. Aligners are a great alternative to braces because they rely on a 3D printed model of your teeth as opposed to wires and brackets. These custom aligners can be made quickly, which in return shortens how long you have to wear them altogether! Plus, many people don’t even realize that you’re receiving treatment because of their sleek design. In the end, obtaining the perfect smile will only take two visits and two sets of aligners that can be easily removed and replaced by yourself throughout the day.

Once everything is approved, it’s used to create a series of aligners made just for you out of a smooth plastic which won’t irritate your mouth. Wear these aligners for about two weeks each, gradually shifting your teeth exactly how we at Misri Khan Dental Clinic want them to be positioned. We do this by using comfortably worn, clear aligner trays made from thin and virtually invisible layers built one on top of another that shift your teeth into place during the process because we know that people want dental work done without anyone knowing about it! You’ll always look great with Aligners and there are no braces and no wires or metal parts.

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