You may have heard of braces, but have you ever wondered what they really are? The name “braces” is actually a shortened form of the word “orthodontic treatment.” Orthodontic treatment is a type of dental procedure that involves aligning and moving teeth into ideal positions to improve a patient’s smile and/or bite. One of the main methods orthodontists use is braces. Braces are a system of wires and bands that are attached to a patient’s teeth in order to move them into the correct position. The braces are put in place by an orthodontist and are worn by the patient for a period of time determined by the orthodontist.

Braces are devices used to correct alignment discrepancies in the teeth. Orthodontic braces are engineered to align all of the teeth comfortably and efficiently. They are commonly used for cosmetic or for functional purposes, and are made from durable materials. There are many options for braces, and each case is unique. It is important to discuss your options with an orthodontist.

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